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CIA Certified Internal Auditor Course

CIA Certified Internal Auditor Course

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Certified Internal Auditor Online Course -

Passing the CIA Certified Internal Auditor exam has never been easier.

Join the thousands of successful people we helped pass the exam thanks to:

✅ The latest and most comprehensive course for all aspects of the certificate.

✅ The integrated curriculum that covers all topics and parts in an easy way.

✅ Distinguished training staff of experienced and certified.

✅ The electronic question base that contains more than 2800 questions from previous exams, with the correct answer and explanation of the answer for each question.

✅ The ability to do an infinite number of experimental exams similar to the real exam , which will enable you to break the barrier of fear of the exam and get used to its style completely before submitting it.

What you will get when you sign up for the course

A direct and interactive electronic training course by experienced training experts who have obtained the CIA certificate, in addition to continuous support and full follow-up until obtaining the certificate

An advanced electronic question base that displays more than 2800 questions from previous exams with the correct answer and explanation of the solution for each question, with the possibility of doing experimental tests similar to the real exam.

An integrated CIA syllabus of 3 parts that covers all exam topics and you will not need any other source at all.

Books are paperback and shipped free to your door within 4 business days.

The best course in the Arab world

We are distinguished by the highest success rate in the Arab world, which reaches 80% for our students from the first time.

The Certified Internal Auditor Course in Arabic is the best and most powerful course in the Arab world to launch your new career.

Make sure when you register for this course that you will get the best service and quality in training and the best curriculum and electronic question base in the Arab world.

Free shipping for books

The fees for this course include immediate shipping of books to your door within only 4 working days, as for the electronic question base, your account will be activated within 24 hours of completing the purchase.

Study in Arabic

The Certified Internal Auditor Exam is held in more than 15 international languages, including Arabic.The training course in Sarh International Company for Consulting and Training is provided in Arabic, in addition to that the curricula consisting of three paper books and software, and the electronic question base, are all in Arabic.

Cycle parts

the third part

- Business Intelligence

- Information Technology and Security

- Financial management

The second part

- Audit assignment planning

- Managing the internal audit activity

- Perform audit tasks

- Communicate audit task results

- Coordination between internal and external audits

part One

- Necessary professional skill and care

- Fraud risk

- Independence and objectivity

- Fundamentals of Internal Audit

- Governance, Risk Management and Control

- Quality Assurance and Improvement Program

Course date

We hold a certified internal auditor course (online) every three months.

The next session will be on 02/23/2022 and it will be on Saturdays and Mondays from 06:00 until 9:00 pm Saudi or Jordanian time.

The time remaining until the start of the session


Number of seats remaining: (8)

Entry will be closed when seats are full.Reserve your seat now to ensure participation in the course

Duration of the course

The number of hours for this course is 93 training hours for the three parts, with 4 non-consecutive months, so that the first two months of the course are devoted to the first and second parts, then the third part is postponed after the first two exams are submitted and passed.

The manner of the session

This course is held in Arabic and using the Zoom app that allows you to interact and participate with the lecturer and other colleagues in the course and ask questions and inquire about anything during the course.

customer reviews

Joining the course in Arabic saved me a lot of time because it was comprehensive and clear, and I did not need to study from any other source, which made me prepare for the first exam in just one month, and I passed it from the first time.

Mohamed Nassar - CIA

April, 2021

The course and the study of the question base made me feel that the actual exam is just another one of my home study sessions because there is a very high match rate with pattern and ideas Questions between the real exam and the electronic questions base from Sarh.

Nabil Othman - CIA

October, 2020

All thanks and appreciation for their efforts in preparing us for the exam. Praise be to God, I passed the three parts from the first time thanks to the comprehensiveness of the electronic question base and its coverage of all topics. Who helped me enter the exam confident of myself and prepared.

Ahmed Abu Talib - CIA

February 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

How many questions does the electronic question base contain?

The question base contains more than 2,800 questions and answers, in addition to explanations and interpretation of the correct answer for each question.

What is the validity period for the electronic question base?

The electronic question base remains available for 18 continuous months and is automatically updated with the latest questions and answers. After the subscription ends, you can reactivate it at a cost of only $50.

Is there a recording of the online lectures that I can refer to later?

In the event of any technical error or you are unable to attend the lecture for any reason, we will provide you with a recording of the lecture and it will remain available for 7 consecutive days.

Is the period of the cycle extended to 4 months continuous?

There is a break after the first and second parts until studying and submitting the exam, and the duration of the first and second parts is two months.The third part also lasts two months.

Does the course fee include exams?

Course fees include only the training course and scientific curricula. As for exams, they are fees that are paid when booking the exam. The fees are based on the price advertised on the IIA website, which is approximately $500 for the first part, including membership and fees. Registration and $300 for the second part and $300 for the third part.Of course, there are usually discounts for our students on registration and membership fees.

What is the number of book pages?

The number of pages in the first part is 160 pages, the second is 200 pages, and the third is 340 pages.These books cover the entire exam material and are constantly updated and developed to keep pace with all changes in the certificate.You can also view the book index by clicking here .

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