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Income and sales tax expert course

Income and sales tax expert course

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Income and sales tax expert course

Introduction to the course:

The income and sales tax course gives a detailed explanation of the income tax laws and sales tax laws and qualifies you to pass the Income and Sales Tax Experts Association exam


- Holders of an accounting certificate.

- auditors specialized in the audit and financial business sector.

- All workers in the tax sectors.

Course Themes:

First sheet

Income Tax Law and its attached instructions and regulations

A glimpse of the instructions issued by the department regarding the terms of deputation, authorization, and follow-up with the Income and Sales Tax Department
An overview of the certified tax expert certificate, exam procedures, and conditions for admission to the association
Basic concepts, tax rates and tax brackets
Sources of income subject to tax from inside Jordan (cases and practical examples)
Sources of income subject to tax from outside Jordan (cases and practical examples)
Tax-exempt sources of income (practical cases)
Acceptable Expenses and Unacceptable Expenses (Cases and Practical Examples)
Tax clearing, tax withholding, and the basis for tax accounting
Accounting records, computerized systems, and loss recycling
Income tax declaration and everything related to it (practical cases)
Violations, crimes, objection and reconciliation procedures

The second sheet

The General Sales Tax Law and the instructions and regulations attached to it
Introduction to the most basic concepts of the general sales tax law
Tax rates and tables attached to the law
Registration for sales tax terms and conditions (with practical cases)
Implementation, entitlement, value and declaration of tax (practical cases)
Tax invoices and accounting records
Tax declaration, submission procedures, amendment, audit, estimation, and legal deadlines
Crimes, misdemeanours, penalties, objection and reconciliation procedures
Objection, notification and installment procedures


What distinguishes this course:

This course is distinguished because it is specially designed to pass the Income and Sales Tax Experts Association certification exam. It is rich in questions, training exercises, and previous years’ questions that make it easier for you to pass the exam and obtain the certificate within a period of about a month. It also aims to qualify the affiliate scientifically and practically in all aspects. Tax returns forms as tax experts.

Course details:

Number of course hours 18 training hours
Days of the cycle two days a week or every Saturday
cycle times 6:00-9:00 PM (two days a week) or 10:-1:00 PM (every Saturday)
cycle duration 3 weeks (two days a week) or a month and a half (every Saturday)
The venue of the session Sarh company headquarters or online from home
Course language Explanation in Arabic (scientific material and exam in Arabic)
Scientific Article Income and sales tax expert book

Exam details:

• The exam is presented at the Chamber of Industry or the Chamber of Commerce (the location is determined by the association) for those over twenty-seven years old.
•The mark required to pass the exam is 65%.
•The papers required to book the exam: a copy of the personal identity, and a copy of the university certificate.
The exam application fee is 25 Jordanian dinars.
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