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JCPA Jordanian Certified Public Accountant Curriculum with Question Base

JCPA Jordanian Certified Public Accountant Curriculum with Question Base

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The Jordanian Chartered Accountant Curriculum

The latest version 2021

The curriculum consists of six books

* Part One: Financial Accounting.

* Part Two: Cost Accounting, Managerial Accounting and Accounting Theory.

* Part Three: International Auditing Standards.

* Part Four: International Financial Accounting and Reporting Standards.

* Part V: Legislation related to sales tax and other laws.

* Part Six: Related Legislations (Income Tax)

Curriculum Index

This curriculum has qualified many to understand accounting in addition to passing the JCPA exam. It was written by experts who are specialized and distinguished in the field.

The curriculum is characterized by its comprehensive coverage of accounting standards, auditing standards, financial accounting, costs and administration, in addition to income and sales tax.

The curriculum includes comprehensive electronic questions that contain more than 3000 questions that show the correct answer and the typical solution method, and of its features

The electronic database works on any device such as a smartphone or tablet and supports all operating systems - It is easy to use and has great speed

The rule is divided according to parts and particles with the ability to search for specific questions or keywords or specify questions that have not been resolved before or that have been solved in a wrong way and many other filtering tools and searching for questions

Correct answer and answer explanation are provided for each question

The possibility of making an infinite number of exams with the feature of reviewing solutions after the end of the exam and indicating errors to avoid repetition in the real exam

The rule is subject to continuous updates by adding new questions, periodic revision, or deleting old ones

The rule is valid for a year and a half, and the renewal fee for another year and a half is $50

Note: Each user can use the rule from only one device to ensure copyright

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