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IFRS Book of International Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards

IFRS Book of International Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards

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International Financial Reporting Standards Book

Professor Dr. Muhammad Abu Nassar author name
Dr. Juma Hamidat
2022 edition

A comprehensive curriculum that presents the entire International Financial Reporting Standards subject and includes a set of questions on International Financial Reporting Standards. The book includes hundreds of illustrative examples and professional exam questions for International Reporting Standards with answers for those wishing to test their skills

It includes a book and a very modern question base, and therefore it includes
• Scientific material dealing with all International Accounting Standards IAS in force for its date
• All International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS Even issued where such as Reporting Standard No. 17 (IFRS17)
• Explanation of each criterion in a comprehensive and smooth manner, starting with the objective of the criterion and its field of application and the requirements of recognition, measurement and disclosure
The curriculum contains hundreds of illustrative examples to consolidate the concept and requirements of the criterion. and his understanding of the standards

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