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CIA Hawke's Internal Audit Platform Books and Questionbase

CIA Hawke's Internal Audit Platform Books and Questionbase

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CIA HOCK Arabic Materials

The Arab Professional Curriculum, which achieved great success by enabling professionals to pass the CIA International Examination.

An integrated and comprehensive curriculum consisting of 3 books that contain everything you need to prepare for the CIA Internal Audit Exam, which will open new horizons for you in your career.

The course is updated and translated in a very professional manner, and it contains the latest modifications from the effective IIA institute. The question base has also developed to keep pace with the new titles and branches of the curriculum and in a manner consistent with the presentation of the material. The questions are very numerous and qualified hundreds of former trainees to succeed from the first time.

Get with the curriculum the comprehensive electronic question base in its new form, which contains more than 2,800 questions from previous exams and exercises, and it is available within a distinguished electronic program that gives room for trying to solve, then shows the correct answer and the typical solution method, and its features:

  1. The electronic database works on any device such as a smartphone or tablet, supports all operating systems, and is characterized by ease of use and great speed.
  2. The rule is divided according to parts and particles with the ability to search for specific questions or keywords or to specify questions that have not been resolved before or that have been solved in a wrong way and many other filtering tools and searching for questions.
  3. Correct answer and answer explanation are provided for each question.
  4. The possibility of making an infinite number of exams with the feature of reviewing solutions after the end of the exam and indicating errors to avoid repetition in the real exam.
  5. The rule is subject to continuous updates by adding new questions, periodic revision, or deleting old ones.

This rule has helped hundreds pass the CIA Certified Internal Auditor Exam with ease and from the first time.

The rule is valid for a year and a half, and the renewal fee for another year and a half is $50.

Note: Each user can use the rule from only one device to guarantee copyright. Available in hard copy only. Express international shipping within 4 business days.

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