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Excel course for accountants and finance

Excel course for accountants and finance

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Excel applications course for accountants, finance and administrators

Introduction to the course:

The course of Excel applications for accountants, financial and administrators is one of the most important courses that are required for every newcomer to the accounting and administrative work market in general. Given the importance of Excel in the field of accounting in particular and the field of management in general, and as a basic support for the performance and completion of job tasks, the accountant must have excellent skills on the Excel program to help him deal with these applications to serve his work and enable him to move forward with the requirements and tasks of job work, and from this point of view, this course aims to provide the trainees with knowledge and skills so that the trainee can deal with the options offered by the (Microsoft Excel) program in terms of Accounting and administrative.

Course axes:

·Professional tables (Smart Tables).
·How to dump professional tables data in the form of graphics and reports ready for review and reading (Charts).
·Excel applications in the areas of accounting, financial and administrative process
The trainee is trained on the advanced excel program.(100% operation cycle
·Training on how to make a model table with a compound equation from the basic equations.
· Training on designing a complete control (database + report + graph).
·Training on how to make a statistical report through advanced equations.
·Learn to use search functions and learn to combine them with other equations to form complex equations.
How to use the conditional function (IF) in a simple - compound way.
·Learn how to make a report that controls more than one table at one time.
· Learn how to electronically detect and remove duplicate values.
· Learn how to make Excel give us reminders (alerts) electronically, for example, reminders when the contract becomes expired.
Learn how to protect cells and the entire file as well.
Learn how to separate the contents of a cell into more than one cell electronically.
Learn how to make (Drop Down Lists).
Create buttons to control the transition from one page to another.
·Learn how to activate and work on the (Pivot Table) tool, which is the largest analytical tool in Excel.
Learn how to create Macros, which is a movement recording.
·Learn how to use advanced filters electronically.
Learn how to employ Excel equations in some accounting applications.

What distinguishes this course:

This course is distinguished by the fact that it was designed specifically for accountants and financiers, as the course differs from the courses that are spread under the name (Excel Principles or Advanced Excel).

Therefore, this course met with great success for many years, as it focused on enabling the accountant to carry out all his accounting tasks easily and smoothly using the Excel program, as we put practical cases in the hands of the trainee to apply them as if to gain the necessary skills.

Course details:

Number of course hours 18 training hours
Days of the cycle two days a week or every Saturday
cycle times 6:00-9:00 PM (two days a week) or 10:-1:00 PM (every Saturday)
Duration of the cycle 3 weeks (two days a week) or a month and a half (every Saturday)
The venue of the session Sarh company headquarters (computer lab) or online from home
Course language Arabic
Learning Methods Practical application, simulation, practical exercises.
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